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Shabby Chic Style in Maryville

Shabby Chic Maryville

What is ‘Shabby Chic’?

Shabby Chic style in Maryville is rapidly gaining popularity! Shabby Chic is a home design style that takes advantage of aged and distressed furniture by accentuating the individuality that imperfections reveal. This trend spread like wildfire in Great Britain and America after making its debut in the late 1980s. Novice and professional interior designers gravitate toward this intricate design for its versatility, lack of strict rules, and relatively frugal realization. Shabby Chic has grown in popularity over time, and it has developed two distinct styles.

French Style Shabby Chic

French style embodies old-world elegance. Shabby Chic style in Maryville is evolving from penny-plain American style to intricate French style. Vintage furnishings with detailed woodwork take center stage. Accessories are robust, and they focus in on only a few areas of the decor acting as a frame for the bold furniture. These rooms can be taken to a whole new level with antique urns, vases, and metallic accents. French style adds an air of elegance to your home

Shabby Chic Maryville

French Shabby Chic

Cottage Style Shabby Chic

If Snow White had an interior design fetish, her “go-to” would, without a doubt, be cottage style. Shabby Chic Style in Maryville is also becoming more eccentric through the cottage collection. This style of shabby chic features faded pastels combined with soft whites. It is often accented with frilly adornments and floral elements. Cottage Shabby Chic is the most traditionally feminine of the substyles. Tea-stained fabrics, cracked porcelain accessories, and rusted vessels give rooms executed in this style an unexpected depth of character.

Cottage style Maryville

Cottage Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic at Hoo La La

The best part about Shabby Chic is that it is open to interpretation with lots of room for self-expression and creativity. Hoo La La can help with all of the elements in your style renovation. Work directly with our intenior deisgner to make your vision for your home come to life. From distressing furniture, seeking out specific pieces, and learning placement of the furniture in a household for the best overall feel, Hoo La La does it all.