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The design possibilities in Hoo La La are endless!  We commit to helping you custom design your dream home – affordably!

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Interior Design Trends 2020

Interior Design Trends 2020

Interior Design Trends 2020

Interior Design Trends 2020

Whether you’re accessorizing your current look, renovating your home or starting with a blank slate in a new house, Designs by Whitney is there for every step of the design process. Wherever you are in East Tennessee, we will tailor the experience to your budget and goals and we will work hard until we get it exactly the way you dreamed! Whatever your aesthetic, we have thousands of one-of-a-kind options to create a space tailored to you. From custom-designed furniture to unique lighting and decor items, we have access to everything you could possibly need!

The design possibilities in Hoo La La are endless! What’s even better? There’s used and then there’s loving curated vintage and antique furniture.  The committed Hoo La La girls will help you custom design your dream home – affordably!

Contact Hoo La La’s Interior Designer, Whitney Brown.  Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook!

Why Minimalism?

This trend has returned to fashion this year. The basic rule of minimalism is not only limited in quantity. But, also the simplicity of each thing, its functionality. Many people mistakenly refuse minimalism, considering such rooms “empty”, not comfortable. In fact, the task of style is to create in the room as much space as possible, in which it will be “easy to breathe” and move around.

Which Furniture to Choose?

This year, we advise designers to choose compact and modular furniture. The retractable surface is a special trend. It will not do without built-in cabinets. Particular attention goes to give retro furniture. Retro came around in the fifties: such things have a special mood and atmosphere. You can add color to the design with such furniture with the help of a round lamp: it takes a little to the Japanese theme. By the way, such lamps were incredibly relevant in the thirties of the last century.
A significant factor is furniture. Furniture came about on the basis of environmentally friendly and natural materials. This means that rattan furniture, wicker items, and genuine leather are returning to the trend again.
As for furniture accessories, this is ivy. It looks pretty noble, and you can decorate it with almost any room in a house or apartment. The design of the head of the bed in the bedroom will look especially stylish: take this idea into account. Also, it can be safely used on the backs of chairs and ottomans. Premises with ivy are original and cozy in their own way.

Current Materials

Marble this year has become perhaps the most important material. However, this is not about plates that look like Greek stylistics, but about the texture of the stone. Thanks to this imitation, designers can create the so-called “marble rooms”. As accents, you can use a variety of decorative pillows, which are also made under marble.
The next trend material is a non-ferrous metal. There is no limit to creativity and imagination! And the last relevant material is tile. Choose the most natural shades, and the other color will look stylish, as well as copper in tandem with dark tones.


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