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The design possibilities in Hoo La La are endless!  We commit to helping you custom design your dream home – affordably!

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Home Design Trends 2020

Home Design Trends 2020

Home Design Trends 2020

Home Design Trends 2020

Whether you’re accessorizing your current look, renovating your home or starting with a blank slate in a new house, Designs by Whitney is there for every step of the design process. Wherever you are in East Tennessee, we will tailor the experience to your budget and goals and we will work hard until we get it exactly the way you dreamed! Whatever your aesthetic, we have thousands of one-of-a-kind options to create a space tailored to you. From custom-designed furniture to unique lighting and decor items, we have access to everything you could possibly need!

The design possibilities in Hoo La La are endless! What’s even better? There’s used and then there’s loving curated vintage and antique furniture.  The committed Hoo La La girls will help you custom design your dream home – affordably!

Bedroom Design Trends 2020

The design of the modern bedroom in 2020 is not indifferent to yellow. Not everyone is ready to make a choice in favor of such shades. However yellow will give you a great mood every morning. This choice will be especially true if you live in latitude with a few sunny days.
They should warn you that such a “cute” color is quite dangerous. Muffle it or dilute it with shades of green, brown or juicy raspberry. These color schemes look great in contrast.
As for the furniture, there should not be much of it in the design of the small bedroom in 2020. Focus on free space. The image of your bedroom may look like this: a pair of bedside tables, a bed, a chest of drawers or a dressing table. Also, a wardrobe (preferably a built-in and small size).

Bathroom Design Trends 2020

In the case of this room in 2020, absolutely any color treatments and styles are appropriate. But again, it is important to focus on minimalism, which means to create maximum free space and add a minimum of furniture and decor to the design.

The bath is best chosen from natural stone, and the flooring is made of wood. In a particular trend this year, the Mediterranean combination of blue and white. If the classic style is closer to you, then use natural marble, as well as good ceramics in soft pastel shades. Feel free to add paintings, flowers, non-ferrous metal details.

This season the bathroom is not indifferent to the country style. Then choose brown and green shades, use the abundance of shelves and buy wicker baskets. The bath, in this case, can be iron, and the floor is wooden. As for the ceiling, there are no options: you need to paint it white.

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