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Unique Furniture Pieces Maryville, TN

Unique Furniture Pieces Maryville, TN

Unique Furniture Pieces Maryville, TN

Here at Hoo La La Vintage, we are proud to carry unique furniture pieces from the stunning Mayo Furniture.

About Mayo

In the fall of 1965, Linn Mayo gathered his family around the kitchen table for a serious discussion. Linn’s wife, Dean, sat across from him with their two sons, Mike and Gary, on either side. His family was facing a crisis. Linn’s tenure as general manager of a small bedding and furniture manufacturer ended suddenly. It ended after the death of the owner, and he had to face a career decision. Should he accept a comfortable offer already in hand and move the family from Texarkana? Or take a leap of faith and start a new business? Linn, with the support of his family, took that leap.
Within weeks, they located an old warehouse building and converted it for manufacturing space. “24,000 square feet of two floors with a post every 12 feet,” Linn would jokingly boast of his little factory. A few key suppliers, confident in Linn and eager to help him get started. They provided raw material inventory on a ‘pay for it when you can’ basis. While Linn organized, Dean learned how to cut and sew mattress covers. Along with producing work tickets and customer invoices. The boys learned many of the factory jobs. Also, spent many late nights loading trucks after helping complete the day’s production. In a couple of years, a modest but healthy furniture factory was humming along in east Texas.
By 1969, the business had outgrown the small factory, so they built a new facility. Since then, it has enlarged several times over the years. And, we’ve just completed another expansion. We have always been eager to embrace new technology in upholstery manufacturing. Investments in automated fabric and leather cutting, wood panel processing, and foam fabrication. They have enabled industry-leading order-to-shipment cycle times. Also, allow for a higher quality of furniture. These tools in the hands of a well-trained workforce – led by eager and effective management – have provided the company with staying power.

Mayo Now

Now, over 50 years later, the Mayo family has grown to more than 200 employees. Mayo serves the entire country and beyond. Linn has since stepped down and Mike, along with his sons – Stephen, Ben, and Patrick – now own and manage the company. “Be the captain of your ship,” Linn would always tell us. That mentality has shaped these brothers and lives to fruition each day within these walls. Family has always been the number one priority, and the values shared by Linn and his family remain the cornerstone for how we do business today.
“Made in the USA” is very much a part of our mantra at Mayo. We take enormous pride in the fact that we make our product right here at home. Our products American Made. Also, we support jobs and commerce at home by purchasing our materials here in America. Simply put, our mission is to keep the trust that we gave in that initial handshake. We make furniture that we would be proud to put in our own homes.
Linn passed away in the spring of 2017. The company continues to hold the vision and direction that Linn and Dean built more than half a century ago. The appearance of the furniture has changed over the years. The dedication to quality craftsmanship has not. The new brothers Mayo – Stephen, Ben and Patrick – along with their father Mike, carry the torch onward.

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